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Typical BMW design

As if cut from the same cloth: both the graphic design and the user interaction. Hardware and software are harmoniously coordinated for efficiently controlling your BMW motorcycle. The intuitive screen design facilitates simple operation at all times.

Hardware for hard wear

The hardware has been designed for the needs of motorcyclists, meaning the toughest of use. It can withstand dust, hard knocks, freezing cold and extreme heat and can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. This quality has earned it IP69 certification.

Has everything on the screen

The 5.5" touchscreen display is very easy to read, even in sunlight. The TFT display and ConnectedRide Navigator work together perfectly. Once the navigator is connected, the telephone, navigation and media elements are greyed out on the TFT display.

Everything perfectly interconnected

Everything perfectly interconnected

Whether you're using BMW ConnectedRide products or your smartphone, the ConnectedRide Navigator combines all the devices and media applications into one device. For example, the navigation function, telephony and media are greyed out on the TFT display of the bike and clearly shown on the display of the ConnectedRide Navigator when the connection between bike and navigator is active. And thanks to BMW ID and BMW Motorrad Cloud Integration, you can easily synchronise your route planning from the BMW Motorrad Connected app with the ConnectedRide Navigator.

With the navigation preparation, available as optional equipment for new models or as a retrofit solution, the ConnectedRide Navigator also connects many older BMW motorbikes built from 2014 onwards to the roads of the world. Simply click in, lock and enjoy the benefits of the ConnectedRide Navigator.

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The whole world at your fingertips

The whole world at your fingertips

While on the road, you can operate the functions of the ConnectedRide Navigator easily and safely via the multi-controller. For example, to use your smartphone and make a phone call or listen to music via a streaming app, simply use your left thumb to navigate through the intuitive user interface. You can also adjust the volume of all your other devices connected via Bluetooth.

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Navigation highlights

The whole world in one device. With the ConnectedRide Navigator, you can plan, download, upload and manage your favourite routes. With My Rides you can evaluate all recorded journeys in terms of speed, braking intensity, acceleration and lean angle. Traffic information is updated in real time when you connect the ConnectedRide Navigator to a hotspot or use your own SIM card. How will you start your next experience?

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Technical details

  • Display: 5.5" TFT display with 800 nits
  • Battery power: 3,000 mAh, quick charging of up to 2.4 V with USB-C
  • Protection class: IP69-certified
  • SIM card: micro SIM; compatible up to 4G/LTE
  • Ports: for all external terminal equipment and, common GPS and Wi-Fi aerials
  • Charging options and data transmission: USB-C port and cable
  • Backwards compatible: almost all BMW Motorrad models from model year 2014 onwards with multi-controllers and the navigation device preparation optional equipment can use the ConnectedRide Navigator and operate it via the multi-controller.
  • Over-the-Air-Updates: Verfügbare Updates werden bei aktiver Internetverbindung, bspw. über Mobilfunknetz oder WiFi, automatisch angezeigt. Einfach Download starten und immer auf aktuelle Funktionen und Kartenmaterial zugreifen.


Quick reference for the ConnectedRide Navigator
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